Lead Photographer

His first glance of you at the altar.
Your wide-open laughs as your friend pulls a silly dance move.
The gelato spoons you hand-stamped at 3 am.
Your dad, nervously looking down at his notes to give a toast.

Your love is a story.

And that’s great because I love telling stories.

In fact, I thought I’d write them, but I guess telling stories with photographs is in my genes. I grew up around my father's work as a photography professor. I saw stories in each image and learned to feel them in every frame.

I went to photojournalism school and worked commercially for USA Today, The LA Times, The Houston Chronicle and others. The more I got called for breaking news stories and editorials, the more I knew those weren’t for me. I wanted to capture something else:

Joy-filled, deeply personal stories that touch hearts. Weddings are the perfect story.

And so, Thompson Poole Photography was born and I've never looked back.

The thrill of covering a breaking story or the glitz of celebrity doesn't compare to seeing my work through my clients' eyes.

"How did you get that shot? How did you just know? It's like you were everywhere, but invisible!" These words feed my soul. Knowing my images will be cherished and passed down for generations – that's what makes this the only place for me.

What about you? I want to know about you and all the people, places and things that brought you together. The two of you looked life squarely in the eyes and declared, "We're better as a team." Now, that's a story! Your story. It's told in the way you instinctively reach for his hand, in the lines around his mouth when he smiles at you and in the way Aunt Louise recalls the time you added salt instead of sugar to the holiday cookies.

That’s a story I’d love to tell.

Let’s talk.

My husband, Rick, and I live in San Antonio, Texas with our young daughter and our energetic cattle dog, Chewy. Candy is good! Chocolate is better. BBQ trumps all.

Creative Director

From the very start, I knew Wendi was more than “just a photographer.”

We met when I hired her to photograph the birth of my first baby. Due to an emergency surgery, my memory of holding my son for the first time was a blur. But that moment is etched on my mind with all its emotional detail because Wendi captured it beautifully. Her images serve as my memory.

That experience of Wendi's talent -- and the impact I’ve seen her work have on others' lives -- brought me to Thompson Poole Photography.

My job here? Creative Director.

I like to say “I don’t play in Wendi’s sandbox and she doesn’t play in mine.” I take care of the brand strategy, marketing and operations of the business which frees Wendi to work her magic behind the camera.

For instance, you’ve found our website and are reading this; that’s me. Did you see one of our weddings featured on a blog? That’s me. Follow us on social media? That’s me.

I also make sure your experience as a Thompson Poole bride is seamless and easy, from booking the date to cracking open your beautiful album.

My favorite part of the business is making sure we deliver in every way possible on our driving concept of Love, Uncontained.™

When she’s not playing chauffeur for her two children, Denise is dreaming up landscaping projects (bulldozers don’t scare her!) or planning her next trip. She lives in Austin with her husband, children and a pesky turtle.