Fun Food Friday :: A Pretty Plate

October 1st, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday

Today is the first of October and I have to say Yeah. I love fall. It also brings with it crazy busy times for me. So, I will be brief. I thought I’d just share with you a pretty plate of food from Citrus restaurant in San Antonio. Have a great start to fall.

Fun Food Friday :: La Gloria A San Antonio Restaurant

September 3rd, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday

I had the pleasure of photographing one of the coolest new places in San Antonio a few months ago for San Antonio Magazine. La Gloria is amazing. I don’t think I’ve had anything here I didn’t love and the place has a fun atmosphere that reminds me of an upscale taco dive. It’s located at the end of the new riverwalk extension and is part of the very trendy new Pearl Brewery Complex. I love a lot of places here and it reminds me a bit of Austin but with a San Antonio flair. I’ll share a couple photos and say it is a must stop if you’re in San Antonio. Hey if you’re going to Imaging USA 2011 we should all plan a trip to La Gloria! Add a comment and I’ll start the planning.

Yes those are Pork Rinds on top of that Sope.

A view of two of the Sope choices Deshebrada, shredded beef, on the left and Chicharron, cheese and pork rinds on the right.

I want some Mexican food now. mmmmm.

Fun Food Friday :: Central Texas BBQ

August 6th, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday

I think all photographers love food! They will drive long distances in the search of food. And when those photographers live in Texas,  BBQ is the perfect food search. Recently during an ASMP board meeting we discussed the ultimate food/photo trip. What better way to hang out with other photographers than in search of the best Central Texas BBQ?
This month’s Fun Food Friday features the first ASMP BBQ Roadtrip. We did the Luling – Lockhart circuit. It included 4 different BBQ restaurants. I share photos from each and a little report card for the food.

Sausage of the Gods!

#1. Luling City Market. This has always been my favorite BBQ ever and it continued to live up to my expectations. The Sausage here is top notch. It is mixed so nicely and fresh. The brisket here was also the best this trip. Moist with a great crust and good smoke color. Also a great sauce here. I want take a gallon of it home. This is a must stop for anyone remotely near Austin, San Antonio, or Houston.

I just love this shot. I think it sums up Black’s.

#2. Black’s in Lockhart. I was still full from Luling and I have not ever been a fan of Black’s and it too lived up to my previous opinion. The meat here is just ok. They do have a large selection of sides including the deviled eggs and pie. I got the pecan Pie and it was great and a nice break from meat. I loved the people here; they were so friendly and the interior was so cool and nostalgic.

What happens at lunch with a bunch of photographers?  Food photography of course!

Our one sausage on the left.

#3. Kreuz’s in Lockhart. Still full, two other photographers and I decided to be big spenders and split one link of Jalapeno Cheese Sausage. We still didn’t finish it. It was great and spicy but I still liked Luling’s sausage better.

Dave Einsel makes a meat tower. And yes he had a cooler and didn’t eat all this BBQ. Also notice the size of the pork chops.

#4. Smitty’s in Lockhart. This place had to be the second best in my opinion and if you’re longing for pig, the Pork Chops were amazing. I would drive there just for the pork chop.

And last but not least the motley crew from ASMP Austin and Houston. And thanks Todd for the bunny ears. I owe you one. And yes we all smelled of yummy smokey BBQ all the way home.

Fun Food Friday :: Al’s Breakfast, Minneapolis

July 2nd, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

I recently made my visit visit to Minneapolis and if you’ve talked to me since my return I’m sure I’ve told you about Al’s Breakfast. I can’t sop talking about it. It’s one of those places that you can’t help but talk about. It was probably one of the best dining experiences I had, all in a 14 seat diner. It is the quintessential greasy spoon. If you ever make a trip to Minneapolis you need to go there, actually you have to go there.

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

I stumbled upon this place when my mom and I were looking for a late breakfast one morning during a visit to see my brother. I did a Google search and Al’s Breakfast was one of the top hits and everyone was raving about this greasy spoon. So we went. I had my camera with a 24mm in my purse and was just planning on a quick breakfast before a day of exploring. Al’s was quick in some respect. We got our food quickly and the service was fast, but the wait, well that took at least 45min. The place seats 14 people and the rest of the customers line up behind the stools with only breathing room between the two. There were a couple times we were asked to pick up our stuff and move down the bar. It was great. There was even a great cook whose been there for decades and had great conversations with everyone.

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

I ended up finding out that this place actually got a James Beard Award. A well deserved award I have to say.

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

The yellow papers are vouchers or tabs that customers keep. You can buy them for other people and when they come in they just pay with the paper. Fun!

Fun Food Friday - Al's Breakfast, Minneapolis

And here is the crowning glory of this place, the food. Probably the best blueberry pancake I’ve ever had – thin, crispy on the outside and blueberry goodness on the inside.

My only disappointments were that I couldn’t eat more and that I didn’t bring better gear to shoot inside. I guess this means I need to make another trip. We almost went the next morning but since it was Saturday I thought the line would be too much. Enjoy and wish me luck in the neighborhood pie contest this weekend.

Fun Food Friday:: Auden’s Kitchen, San Antonio

June 4th, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday, published work

I had the pleasure of photographing Auden’s Kitchen for the June issue of San Antonio Magazine.  This restaurant is very cool.  I loved decor and the hospitality of everyone there — couldn’t have asked for easier people to work with.  Auden’s Kitchen is the newest venture from Bruce Auden, chef behind the beautiful Biga on the Banks on the San Antonio Riverwalk.  This is a less formal restaurant and geared more towards his British roots.  Have a peek at the fun photos and take the time to visit if you are in San Antonio.  It is well worth it.

A beautiful beet salad.   I loved that the tables were covered with a hand stamped white paper.  It added a really cool touch to the place.

I wish smell-a-vision worked. These smelled so heavenly. A skillet of smoking mushrooms and tomatoes with toast. YUM!

If you know me at all you know I,  like any good southerner,  love Fried Chicken.  And this dish is oh so tasty.

So these next three photos are all of the Lemon Ice Box Pie.  I just loved this series of images and couldn’t decide on my favorite. So, sit down and enjoy some pie.