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Happy 10th Anniversary!

July 27th, 2012  |  Posted in personal

So today is our 10th Anniversary! Wow, I can’t believe it has been 10 years. Yayness! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend my life with than Rick. And so I will share with you our crazy tradition. We exchange gifts for our anniversary according to the traditional anniversary gifts. This year it’s Tin or Aluminum. The photo is Rick’s gift; it takes some explanation.

First, I love mints — well candy in general, but mints are pretty yummy. When Rick proposed he used an Altoids tin to hide the ring. (There is a funny story there, ask me some time.) So I thought it was prefect to get him Altoids. They come in a tin that is made of aluminum.  I also bought him 10 tins. Get the theme.

Second, a aluminum card with the words TEN imprinted on it. This takes a little more explaining. The card is designed to fit in his wallet and so he can carry it around and when he sees it he’ll think of me. Why the word, TEN?  Inside joke.  A few Christmases ago we were singing the 12 Days of Christmas in the car together, but making up our own lyrics. All was well, Rick would sing one day and I the next and so on. Well the time came for the tenth day and it fell on me. I blurted out TEN real loud and then nothing, complete silence. You know that weird awkward silence. Well of course Rick couldn’t forget about such a funny thing. Now I am constantly reminded of my brain fart. I actually find it amusing and whenever we have one of those times when you try and say something but the words just don’t come out or your mind just goes blank we say TEN and laugh. I thought about putting all kinds of love quotes on the card or something from one of our favorite books but that was not us. So, TEN, it is and I hope whenever he looks at it he’ll laugh and think of me and all my goofiness.

Happy Tenth Anniversary Rick and here’s to many more. Oh and if anyone needs some Altoids we have like 10 boxes so give me a call.

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