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The Bride’s Cafe :: Creme de la Creme 2011

February 15th, 2011  |  Posted in weddings

If you’re a fan of The Bride’s Cafe then you’re already familiar with all the blog loveliness and Janie’s amazing floral creations.  If The Bride’s Cafe is new to you….Go! Now! Be inspired and “sip on some hot ideas.”   We are thrilled to be included in (and shamelessly plugging) The Bride’s Cafe’s Creme de la Creme 2011.   But, long before Creme de la Creme I was a fan of The Bride’s Cafe and Janie’s discerning taste.  Janie consistently presents a balanced mixed of stunning wedding details and great photographic moments — reminding us that your wedding details should be a reflection of the unique story of you, your family and your dreams.

Houston Proposal Story :: Stephanie & Nathan

February 8th, 2011  |  Posted in engagement

I am thrilled, like jump up and down thrilled, to share one of my favorite moments from 2010.  I got to photograph one of my great friends, Nathan, propose to his wonderful girlfriend, Stephanie.

The scene: a week before Christmas when it’s a combo of winter/fall in Houston, Texas.  The location:  the ever beautiful Hermann Park in the Medical center area of Houston. The subjects:  Nathan Lindstrom, a great friend and equally great photographer and Stephanie Persons, one cool chica who loves food like me and is always ready with a big hug and a smile.

They are prefect for each other and we have been hoping and waiting for this for awhile. I was thrilled when Nathan called me and told me his plans. I then jumped up and down with excitement when I found out he wanted me to photograph the event. I have photographed proposals before and it is so much fun. It means I get to photograph one more chapter in their story.

The plan was to hide the ring in a Christmas Pickle ornament. Stephanie and Nathan and friends had been playing a game where they hide the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree at his house and so he thought Stephanie might get a kick out of seeing one on a tree in the park. Nathan then carved and painted the ornament himself with a place for the ring inside. I went with Nathan to pick out the prime photo spot in the park and the waiting began. I dressed up in a hoodie and hid behind a newspaper waiting patiently for them to come along.  Very secret agent style!

Have a look at the fun that ensued.

Nathan poses for location test shots. I had to include his Stephanie reaction impersonations.

The actual moment. I love this!

The ornament in position and the hidden treasure.

I love the look in Stephanie’s eyes here and the fact that she is playing with the ring on her finger. Yes, Stephanie you never stop playing with the ring.  Even after eight years of marriage I still do that.

She couldn’t stop jumping. I love Nathan’s smile in the photo on the right. Can’t get much happier than these two.

The ring’s handmade hiding place.

Nathan had some friends hide out nearby with a guitar, flowers and cards. He had collected cards from her family to give to her right after he proposed sending their congratulations. It was very special. Good move Nathan.

Thanks again for including me in this very awesome time. And yes my disguise worked, Stephanie just thought I was a bum. I’m a sneaky one.

Congrats and I can’t wait to photograph the next chapters.

Fun Food Friday :: Winter Travels Seattle, Cincinnati and Huntsville

February 4th, 2011  |  Posted in fun food friday, uncategorized

Fun Food Friday is back. After a short hiatus over the holiday months it’s back. In honor of Friday being a snow day in Houston I am sharing with you my winter travels in food. And yes there was snow in everyplace I visited from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

First is a short trip to Seattle.

It was my first trip to Top Pot Doughnuts! Yum.

Then right before Christmas we made a trek to Cincinnati, Ohio to see Karin and Linford, of the band Over the Rhine, perform their annual Christmas concerts. And I think we just wanted to go somewhere cold at Christmas.

Breakfast at Sugar n’ Spice. This place was a classic diner comfort breakfast place. I would frequent if I lived in Cincinnati. Very yummy hash browns.

The Farmer’s Market there is always a blast. Those Gold Rush apples were amazing and so were the macaroons.

Homemade Belgium waffles, made fresh by Jean-François Flechet, the guy who made the macaroons at the Farmer’s Market, and Over the Rhine in an cold, old, gutted Cathedral, you can’t make a better Sunday. Also check out Over the Rhine’s new Album, The Long Surrender, you won’t be sorry I promise!

I am not a big fan of cheese, it usually doesn’t agree with me, so I don’t eat it much. But, I could not pass up grilled cheese sandwiches made to order and homemade hot cocoa at the stand by the outside ice skating rink in Downtown. The temperatures were in the low twenties and that was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. If you ever go to Cincinnati check out their permanant restaurant, Tom and Chee. Rick got the special, Cheddar, BBQ chips and bacon, on the left. I told them to make me something yummy, so I got cheddar, jack and lots of fresh bacon with a little bit of tomato soup on the inside of the bread, on the right. Yayness!

Last but not least ambrosia from Rick’s aunt on Christmas eve in Huntsville, Alabama. I love this because it reminds me of every church pot luck I went to growing up. There is something really special about things like this.

Good eating! I hope you are all warm and just maybe enjoying a grilled cheese in the snow.