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Exquisite Works of Art by Cypress Albums

June 25th, 2010  |  Posted in products

Wendi and I like to think of ourselves as reasonable people, but when it comes to albums we are down-right stubborn! We strongly believe every couple should have an album (more on that subject soon) and no ordinary album will do. Your wedding story deserves something special – a timeless presentation that highlights your images. When we were introduced to Cypress Albums and Boxes it was love at first sight and we knew they were the one for us!

Where do I even begin?  The descriptions alone are enough to make me swoon.

individually handcrafted by artisans

rich, smooth, heavyweight fine art paper

Japanese bookbinding fabrics & Swiss ribbon

understated elegance and exquisite detail

Austin wedding photography

The “Cypress,” an elegant matted album.

Austin wedding photography

Beautiful thick art paper and binding detail

Austin wedding photography

The “Cypress” and its accompanying European style presentation box.

Austin wedding photography

The “Iris” is an elegant, modern flush-mounted album. More images and details here.

Through the Lens :: Planning for the end

June 17th, 2010  |  Posted in Through the Lens, weddings

Today we’re continuing our Through the Lens series where we explore Wendi’s approach to photography and how her background in photojournalism translates to weddings. My first challenge to Wendi was to help me understand what’s going on in her head when she looks through the camera. This time around Wendi chose the subject — planning for the end — and when her notes hit my inbox I had to chuckle because I’m the Type A one and she’s the artistic one so I couldn’t wait to read what she had to say about planning! I love that she continues to surprise me and as I learn more about how she does “her thing” I have a deeper appreciation for the thoughtful preparation that goes into each and every shoot.

And now, in the words of Wendi…

San Antonio wedding photography

Planning for the end. When I’m shooting I always keep the final product in mind. For magazine assignments I shoot more verticals because I know how the magazine is oriented and verticals play nicely on the page. With weddings there are a lot of final products – albums, prints, slideshow, web, etc. The one thing common to all these is a good story and every story needs a good opening, something that draws in the viewer.

For albums I like to start with a hook to immediately grab the viewer’s attention, but I also want to introduce the key characters. When I can achieve both in the same photo, like in the image above, I’m a happy photographer! Let’s see if I can deconstruct this process for you.

I was looking for a cool, tight shot of our bride, Ashley, to lead the story, but I wanted more than just a tight portrait. (Before going on, you need to know that I love white space/negative space. I think it is its own character and plays a definite role in storytelling.) When I saw the clean wall behind Ashley as she was having her hair done I wanted to use it to my advantage. After just a couple shots I quickly knew I had what I wanted and I knew exactly how I wanted to use it in the album.

It would be the opening image, placed alone on the right hand side of the layout. The white space in the image catches your eye and leads you to read the image like a book, left to right. You’re instantly connected with one of our main characters, Ashley and you’re eager to turn the page to learn more.

With all that being said I want to be very clear that I’m not a “stager” and I don’t plan everything. On the wedding day I am an observer and I capture the wedding story truthfully as it unfolds before me.

I didn’t pose Ashley for this image. It was a moment captured. It was a moment where my preparation of considering the final product + keenly observing my surroundings came together to create a unique introductory image.

Elizabeth Anne Designs :: Inspired Creations Contest

June 7th, 2010  |  Posted in published work, weddings

We are over-the-moon thrilled to be featured in the Inspired Creations Contest on Elizabeth Anne Designs. It was amazing to work with such a talented, fun and humble team. Our deepest appreciation to Tricia Hamil, Vridian Design Studio, Sandy Waltuck, PAPERoot and Debby Stein, Cartewheels Caterers.  And, an extra special thank you to Mark Holzbach for the inspiring location, The Plant at Kyle.

Many more images to come, but for now….a bowl of heaven.

Fun Food Friday:: Auden’s Kitchen, San Antonio

June 4th, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday, published work

I had the pleasure of photographing Auden’s Kitchen for the June issue of San Antonio Magazine.  This restaurant is very cool.  I loved decor and the hospitality of everyone there — couldn’t have asked for easier people to work with.  Auden’s Kitchen is the newest venture from Bruce Auden, chef behind the beautiful Biga on the Banks on the San Antonio Riverwalk.  This is a less formal restaurant and geared more towards his British roots.  Have a peek at the fun photos and take the time to visit if you are in San Antonio.  It is well worth it.

A beautiful beet salad.   I loved that the tables were covered with a hand stamped white paper.  It added a really cool touch to the place.

I wish smell-a-vision worked. These smelled so heavenly. A skillet of smoking mushrooms and tomatoes with toast. YUM!

If you know me at all you know I,  like any good southerner,  love Fried Chicken.  And this dish is oh so tasty.

So these next three photos are all of the Lemon Ice Box Pie.  I just loved this series of images and couldn’t decide on my favorite. So, sit down and enjoy some pie.