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Birthday Wishes

May 26th, 2010  |  Posted in personal

It’s a joyous day at the Cornell house today. Our big boy turns 6 years old today! Yes, I’m a proud Mama, but I’m sharing this with you because even though we didn’t know it at the time, the birth of my first child was the very first baby step (pun intended) toward the formation of Thompson Poole Photography. You can read the story here.

Our little guy was delivered via emergency c-section.  Due to the side effects of anesthesia I have a very foggy memory of the first time I held my son, but that moment was perfectly preserved by Wendi.  Here’s a glimpse of the day it all began…as seen by Wendi.

Happy Anniversary :: Denise and Charles

May 18th, 2010  |  Posted in personal, weddings

I hope you will indulge me a walk down memory lane today as I celebrate my wedding anniversary. On May 18, 1996 I married my college sweetheart, Charles Cornell, in my hometown of Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Fourteen glorious years and two children later I’d do it all over again…in a heartbeat! Charles, this one is for you, with much love and admiration!

L to R: College graduation then fast forward 4 years to the engagement

Scanned directly from my old-school matted wedding album. Does that huge cascading bouquet make you cringe? But, oh how I loved it and the scent was heavenly — peonies, roses and freesia. Wedding images by Barbie Vallot.

Our best contributions to this world. L to R: 2004 welcome baby boy; big boy eagerly awaits the arrival of lil sis; 2005 welcome baby girl. All baby images by Wendi Poole.

Fun Food Friday :: Birthday Dessert at Textile Restaurant

May 7th, 2010  |  Posted in fun food friday

Wow, so on April 24, 2010 I turned 30.  Still kinda feels weird to say, but I really don’t feel any different. To celebrate my milestone I thought I needed to do something cool and fun.  I had heard about Plinio Sandalio’s Dessert Tasting  at Textile Restaurant in Houston soon after moving here a year ago.  A course meal of desserts?  Surely this was created just for me!  I soon started following Sandalio on Twitter, @psandalio, and was continually intrigued by what he was creating.  So, I thought what better way to celebrate my birthday than with a dessert dinner.  Come along for a very tasty, amazing, crazy food adventure.  Mmmm Good.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Let’s start with the best Oatmeal Cookie I’ve ever eaten.  To make it yummier it had Foie Gras ice cream sandwiched between the cookies.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Next, his take on Devil on Horseback, Traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding with Bacon Ice Cream. I loved this — the sweet paired with the salt and greatness of bacon, wow.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Ok, this one threw me for a loop.  It came out smelling exactly like a corn dog from the fair.  And that is what it was, his take on a corn dog. Corn fritters rolled in sugar with ketchup sauce and yellow mustard ice cream.  Yes it tasted just like a corn dog, but at the same time dessert. I can’t explain it other than saying it was mind boggling and delicious at the same time.  How does he do this?

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Now we started moving sweeter and more traditional, if can call it that. A Panna Cota with pineapple and toasted brioche.  I’ve never been a fan of panna cota, but I would order this one anytime. It was light and slightly sweet and makes a great summer dessert.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

I think this had to be the most fun dessert. A ginger cake with Grapefruit Campari sorbet, rhubarb and pop rocks.  Light, slightly sour and luscious it was a joy to eat.  The fun part was the pop rocks and the fact that my husband, Rick, didn’t hear Sandalio say the part about the pop rocks.  He took a mouth full and I could hear them crackling in his mouth. We laughed through the whole dish.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Next up, his take on Peach Melba with a sponge cake and balsamic vinegar sauce.  Even though I was getting full I could have eaten more of this vanilla ice cream layered with what I assume was a peach sorbet and raspberry sorbet. Again he blew my mind with something simple and classic but done in a wonderfully new way.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Now we really started slowing down.  I was so full at this point even though we purposefully didn’t eat dinner before.  Brownie a la Mode with a Fernet Branca ice cream.  I could have sworn that it had burnt honey in the ice cream.  We had trouble eating much of the rich brownie. Very tasty but we were stuffed.  I did, however, finish all the ice cream. It was so good and had a warming effect on my insides, all the alcohol and spices I guess.  I also have to say thanks for the taste of Fernet Branca he gave me.  I am now a convert. Loved it.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

Next was a Trinidad sour granita. After this dessert I need to order the drink.

Fun Food Friday - Plinio Sandalio, Textile Restaurant

We ended the meal with a chocolate truffle and an amazing Scottish shortbread.  I think I could eat the shortbread everyday and be happy.

I loved this meal and it was quite an experience.  Couldn’t have picked a better way to celebrate my birthday, well unless all my dessert loving friends had joined me.  Maybe next year?

Wendi Poole-Houston Wedding Photographer

I’ll leave you with a photo Rick took of me at course two of the meal.  Note the lazy eye.  I get that anytime I have a drink and I was working on a very nice cocktail called The Bee’s Knees.

Thanks Plinio and Textile for such a great experience.