Holiday Greetings

December 16th, 2009  |  Posted in uncategorized

Wow! It’s really hard to believe we’re coming to the end of our first full year in business under the Thompson Poole brand. Before we launch full steam ahead into 2010 we wanted to pause a moment and reflect on our year. We offer this, an open love letter to our clients, friends and family.

Dear Friends,

Although Wendi photographed her first wedding while she was still in high school, 2009 was our first full year in business under the Thompson Poole brand. During a weekend planning session in 2008 we kept asking ourselves over and over again (to the point of being annoying) why we wanted to start this business. For Wendi — why weddings instead of solely focusing on her commercial and editorial work? For Denise — why take on a business venture with two young children? By the end of the weekend our answer was crystal clear — story and meaning.

As a trained photojournalist Wendi is a storyteller at heart and weddings offer the perfect story with a defined beginning and end and a host of characters, emotions and action. But, most importantly, in the end she delivers a body of work that has meaning for our clients and the work carries on for generations to come. You rarely have that impact with commercial work.

And what can we say about Denise? She’s been a card-carrying member of the Wendi Poole fan club since May 26, 2005 when Wendi captured the most amazing images of the birth of her first child. Due to the side effects of anesthesia from an emergency c-section Denise barely remembers the first time she held her son, but that moment is perfectly preserved as seen through Wendi’s lens. Knowing first hand the joy Wendi’s work brings to the lives of her clients and Wendi’s absolute commitment to delivering only the best products Denise jumped at the chance to be involved in all the wonderfulness that is Wendi Poole.

Once we gave the green light to launching Thompson Poole we made a promise to hold true to our principle of storytelling and seek out clients that “got it” – clients that wanted more than a few hours of coverage and a CD of images. When you’re eager for your new business to succeed it’s really hard to pass up those quick “shoot and burn” clients and on many occasions we questioned whether we were doing the right thing. But, then, came that magical moment of meeting the ideal client and then the next one and next one and so on and we knew deep inside we were on the right path and it was worth the wait.

Even in our wildest dreams we could not have conjured up a more perfect list of clients, supporters and friends. Our clients have been fabulous to work with and their kind words have touched us in a way we can’t adequately communicate.

To all of you who have made this possible, we say thank you!

Warmest Regards,

Wendi & Denise

p.s. The fabulous card shown above is a hand-sewn, custom design created by the very talented Sandy Waltuck of Paperoot. We highly recommend Sandy for all your paper needs!