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Neal and Allison One Year Wedding Anniversary

June 14th, 2009  |  Posted in weddings

Happy First Anniversary Neal and Allison. You are one amazing couple and I am so glad we got the opportunity to be a part of your amazing wedding.

I hope this past year has been as fun as the wedding and then some. And may the ones to come continually be filled with joy.


Fun Food Friday :: Fried Chicken

June 5th, 2009  |  Posted in fun food friday

Ok, I love Fried Chicken. I’m from the south and growing up I can swear I had it almost everyday. So, In Texas finding that great place for Fried Chicken and traditional southern fair has been hard. Then a few years ago I discovered the joys of Mr. And Mrs. G’s in San Antonio. This place is heaven for a southerner. When I worked in Birmingham, Alabama the city was littered with places called meat and threes, which means you choose a daily meat then pick three sides to go with it. That is exactly the description of Mr. and Mrs. G’s. They always have a choice of meats and veggies, but I never can sway from the awesomeness of the fried Chicken. It’s divine and second only to the now gone (due to Hurricane) Hopkins House in Pensacola, Florida where I grew up. I actually had our rehearsal dinner at Hopkins House for the sole reason of Fried Chicken! That said, I with a crew of photographer friends make special trips to Mr. and Mrs. G’s just to get our fix. This was one of those Fried Chicken Fridays from a couple months ago.

Fried Chicken Goodness. You can’t forget the awesome black eyed peas and sweet potatoes. Almost as good as the fried chicken.

A Piece of J. Michael Short’s Pork Chop.

Part of the photo crew. Mark Greenberg in the center, his wife on the left and Mark Sobhani on the right.

Pie! How can I forget their desserts? They are homemade goodness. I am very partial to the pound cake and the chocolate cake. These desserts look and taste like somebody’s grandma made for the church potluck. Delish. How’d that black-eyed pea sneak in there?

I couldn’t quite finish it all but tried. Everytime I leave Mr. and Mrs. G’s I end up feeling like I just had Thanksgiving dinner. Nap anyone?