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Turkey Day!

November 27th, 2008  |  Posted in personal

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am very thankful this year. I give thanks to God for my family and friends, my wonderful business partner Denise, my crazy dogs and so much more. I feel very blessed. Rick and I have had a crazy few weeks but we are still very thankful them even if they have been stressful good things are to come. But I think I might be most thankful that we are not still living in the 1980′s. My friends had an 80′s party and Rick and I and our friend Kim dressed up. I think that is the biggest I’ve ever had my hair.

My friend Bobby Arispe took these fun photos thanks! (Kim, Rick, and Me!)

My socks with heels. Thanks Sandy for the styling, you rock.

Happy thanksgiving to all and I am send you all hand turkeys in my mind.


Funny e-mails

November 19th, 2008  |  Posted in uncategorized

My friend Steve Crawford has posted a great blog that lifted my spirits during a crazy week and I thought I’d share.

Check it out.

Steve works at our church and I photographed their wedding at the first of the year. Steve is a funny guy and his dad seemed pretty cool at the wedding. Little did I know how cool until I read this post. I don’t think you have to work at the church or even go to church to see the humor in these e-mails he sent to the staff.

Thank you Steve and Steve’s dad for making me laugh when one was needed.


Fun Links

November 15th, 2008  |  Posted in uncategorized

I have had a crazy week. So, I thought I’d post a couple links for things that have made me smile and helped me get through the week. Also, if you need sushi suggestions in San Antonio give me a ring. After photographing six different restaurants in two days I know a little bit about where to go. Godai is pretty yummy. I’ll post some photos in a couple months once they run.

A very funny site.

I can’t help but laugh at cats doing funny things.


Portrait fun!

November 6th, 2008  |  Posted in portrait

Today I invited my friends, the Isenhowers, down to the garage studio to do some portraits. I am working on a prospective job and wanted to show the client what I saw for the job. So, I set up the white back drop and tried to do some non portraity portraits. It was a lot of fun and I think turned out pretty well. These are the results.

I put three of the photos of Christina together to do a fun triptych.

Kyle and Parker.

Parker in his spiderman pose. I know this is portraity but I couldn’t resist with that face.



November 3rd, 2008  |  Posted in personal

Friday was Halloween and so we had the annual Dr. Oktober’s Falloween Frolic as my husband Rick has named it. It’s our annual Halloween party. This years party didn’t disappoint. My husband Rick is a huge fan of the holiday and so I have joined in with his celebration. It was a little difficult for me to get behind the idea of a costume party, but I am glad I have. I was always the person in the ghost costume at Halloween, aka a white sheet over my head. I did this because I could never decide what to wear and it was easy. Now we have started planning our costumes at least six months in advance. It is fun and Rick really enjoys it. This year I was a geisha and he was a ninja. I set up a backdrop and made a studio in the garage to capture all the people in costume. We also played a game where couples competed to see which one could eat a doughnut off a string the fastest. The trick was they had to do it together without the use of their hands and they were blindfolded. Great fun ensued as you will see. That said, hear is a collection of the photos.

This is my favorite photo of the night. Chris is trying to swallow the rest of the doughnut as Joel is celebrating in the background. We ended up calling the game a tie and they both won prizes.

Wendi the geisha, Rick’s sister Sandy did my make-up. She did a great job. It was fun getting it off.

Rick as a ninja.

Chris and Lauren as McCain/Palin. They were my favorite. They came in with photocards and were campaigning. They even left a sign in our front yard.

Bobby and Kim won the contest as tree and tree hugger. Really creative.

The doughnut game isn’t the easiest if you have a height difference like Nancy and Joel. I think Joel just gobbled it all.

Until next year.