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Fall Fun

October 29th, 2008  |  Posted in personal

It has been awhile. Things have been crazy, but good. I have finally gotten into the fall spirit, thanks to the cool weather we have been having. Yeah! Today I was looking through old photos for something and stumbled upon these gems from last fall. Last year, when I had more time, my husband Rick, my nephew and mother-in-law all went to the corn maze in Hondo, Texas. It was a blast and I would highly recommend it. So, I thought I share with you some of the fun.

This is one of my favorites. It’s what I saw the whole time in the maze, the back of Rick’s head.

Rick wanted to take this “Which way do we go?” photo.

Sneaky Rick

Classic vacation photo. I wish they had cutouts everywhere you go. It would make a trip to the grocery a lot more fun.

Yeah Hay!