Beautiful Shoes

June 27th, 2008  |  Posted in personal

There is one thing that is very important to remember when photographing a wedding, wear comfortable shoes. The problem with this is is that it is very hard to find comfortable shoes that aren’t tennis shoes. So my search months ago when my old shoes went south began. I needed shoes that looked some what dressy, were black, and would be good after 10 hours or more on my feet. The first pair I found were naturalizer shoes, see below.

Knowing the brand, I thought, ‘hey these should be good, right?” I was wrong. After wearing them for two weddings, the second out of necessity, I wanted to rip them off my feet after an hour. My average wedding day is about 12 hours on my feet with about 15 pounds of gear. I needed something better. So the quest began again. The day before the last wedding I shot, June 10, I went to Dillard’s desperate. I needed something fast. I found what looked cute and advertised itself as the European comfort shoe. I decided to try on two pairs of the Josef Seibel Shoes. I put them on and I immediately knew why they called themselves that. They felt like my New Balance Tennis shoes with heels. So, I forked over the handsome sum for the shoes and left crossing my fingers that they would still feel as good after 10 hours on my feet. They did! After one 10 hour day followed by a 14 hour day my feet did not ache. My legs were sore and I was tired but when I took my shoes off I felt like I hadn’t been on my feet at all. Here they are well worn.

I love these shoes and I couldn’t resist showing the two photos I took of them. They just make me smile. I can not begin to describe how much better I felt after this past wedding and these shoes had a big part in that. So, if you ever need dressy comfy shoes, buy these. They come in many different styles and colors. On that note I will leave you. Take care and happy shoe hunting.